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Our Costs

It is not possible for us to offer a standard “all inclusive” fee for every project, simply because every project is different. Size, complexity and location all affect the amount of time required to fully investigate a site, and therefore the cost of doing so.

FREE initial consultation & quotation

What we will therefore do before any work is undertaken is to offer you a FREE initial consultation meeting/site visit during which you can tell us about you, your project and what you would like us to do for you. From there we will produce a personalised quotation for you and your project, based on the daily fee rates and external costs set out below. We do not have a city centre office, so our low overheads mean we can offer you a high quality service at a very reasonable cost.

There is no commitment to accept one of our quotations – if you do not, you pay nothing. If you do accept it (and obviously we hope that you do!) then we will issue you with a full Letter of Engagement incorporating the quotation terms and our other formal Terms of Business. See our Terms & Conditions page for more details. Our VAT registration number is 318651105.

Table of Fees & External Costs (as at 7/2/2022)

Fees payable to Whose Land Scotland

Initial Consultation/Site Visit
(including Travel* & Subsistence)


Consultancy Fees

(Voluntary title registrations & land ownership investigations)

£600 per day + VAT @ 20%


Document sizes A2 & larger



Petrol, public transport*, subsistence

FREE for initial consultation / site visit. Subsequent meetings/site visits charged at 45p per mile for car travel and other travel at cost to WLS.

* Excludes Ferry/Airline costs to Scottish Islands

External Costs

These will be paid by Whose Land Scotland but reimbursed by you – we charge no commission or “mark-up” on these costs. The number of searches and copy deeds etc required will depend on the size and type of project, the number of different owners, titles and properties involved, etc. (Costs believed to be correct as at 7 February 2022 but may be subject to change)

Land Register of Scotland

Online examination of Title Sheet/Cadastral Map, etc.

Level 3 Plans Report

£3 + VAT each

£95 + VAT each

Register of Sasines

Online examination of searchsheet

£3 + VAT each

Crofting Register

Copy registration schedule/OS map

£25 + VAT each

Register of Community Interests in Land

Copy notice/registration schedule

£25 + VAT each

Millar & Bryce Ltd

Copy Sasine Register deeds, plans, applications, advance notices etc

Copy Sasine Register Duplicate Plans

Copy post 2010 Sasine Register deeds, Land Register deeds & plans

Anti-Money Laundering Reports

£22 + VAT each

£35 + VAT per plan

£35 + VAT each

£6 + VAT (per individual), £12.50 + VAT (per company/organisation)

Landmaps Ltd (GIS/GPS Mapping)

OS Licence, Mastermap data & Land Register digital shapefiles

Landmaps Ltd – mapping fees

POA (depends on geographical area)

£600 per day + VAT @ 20%

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