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Landowner Assistance

Whose Land Scotland assist landowners with a variety of challenges relating to their land ownership. These services include establishing the precise boundaries of your land, allowing you to see who owns land adjacent/near to your property, and registering the title to your land in the Land Register while resolving gaps of unknown or contested ownership.

How We Help

  • Boundary disputes – we research who owns what, allowing you to verify legal boundaries.
  • Mapping – for a clear overview of the areas concerned.
  • Title registration – old style titles held in the Register of Sasines can be voluntarily registered in the OS map based Land Register of Scotland for greater certainty.
  • Title deeds – we explain what they mean in practice. We have had over 25 years experience of drafting, examining and interpreting them.
  • Development sites – know what land is yours to develop, and who owns the pieces of a development site which you need but don’t own.

Do you own land but are not entirely sure where your boundaries run in some areas?

Do you need to know what land others nearby may now own?

Are you going to be applying for Planning permission and need to know who owns the land adjoining your site area?

Or do you now need to register the title to your land in the Land Register but know of “gaps” where ownership is unknown or contested (i.e. ownership underlaps or overlaps)?

In all these situations we can help. We can research who owns what and show you what their (and your) land boundaries may be. We can show you copies of the title deeds concerned, and summarise what they mean in practice. If you need us to map the areas concerned, we can do that. And if title registration is required (i.e. your land now needs to be registered in the Land Register of Scotland for the first time), we can assist you or your own solicitors with that too.

Small or large, urban or rural, we can help you to identify who owns the land you need to know about, and with title registration if required. Contact us for a free no-commitment discussion on what we could do for you.

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